How would you go about creating a Tron light cycle light ribbon?

As the title suggests, I’m trying to create a ribbon of light behind my vehicle similar to the ribbon that appears behind a light cycle in Tron. I was initially thinking that a spline behind the vehicle would work but I’m thinking there has to be a more efficient way. The ribbon of light would need to be a solid mesh that allows for collision, and it would need to disappear at a certain length (for instance, after the ribbon of light reaches a distance of 1000cm, then the tail starts to disappear so that the total length of the ribbon stays at 1000cm max. Any suggestions as to how I can get started? Thanks!

Spline mesh:

I would also try spawning a trail of mesh tiles as the vehicle moves. Hopefully this visualization helps. The Mesh Tiles are highlighted. This approach will allow you to deal with collision and apply specific life span to the mesh actors to automatically delete them self afterwards.