How would you go about creating a roll up door?

I’m trying to create a roll up door like this:

I need the door to actually roll up and can’t get the animation in blender to stick because it uses a curve.
None of the methods I’ve tried worked and I’m all out of ideas. Anyone got suggestions?

I would try to rig it. Bonechain, every bone hold one segment, follow curve, bake actions.

I thought about doing that but blender doesn’t appear to support modifiers or curves for bones. I could probably create a more complex rig and use a bunch of transform and copy rotation constrains but all that seem a bit excessive for a simple door. I’ve opted to just fake it for now. The door simply rises up into the wall above but isn’t noticeable since I modeled around it.

Fake it till you make it.JPG

It works and its simple but you don’t get the nice rolling up visual that comes with that kind of door which would have been nice.

If anyone comes up with a creative way to do it I’d love to hear it.

Wouldn’t a simple path constraint work in blender?

Search for Spline IK

I didn’t realize they added a follow path constraint but from what I just tested it applies it to the object as a whole which wouldn’t allow me to have the door and all its segments as one piece. I also tried it on the bones and it moved everything from the root and not individual bones. I’ll play around with it some more tomorrow to see if there is something I’m missing. Thanks for letting me know about that.