How would you get an ai to run away from player in blueprints when the player seen or heard

I want to get an ai to run away from the player in blueprints when the player is detected, either by being seen or heard in the PawnSenseComponent

Hello Steven,

have you looked at this:

I believe they do something similar.

Here is another one:

You be sure to want to add a noise component to your player as well (off the top of my head).

Good luck! :slight_smile:

-Ryan Dashkevicz

Don’t know if the logic can be used in PawnSenseComponent, but I made an AI Character run away from me :frowning:

Or you could try ESQ as stated by Dashkevicz, but still experimental i think.

Hey Vanadot, I actually want to do the same thing as Steven, and I have a question about your picture. What’s the node at the left, that we can’t see on your picture ? Could you send a picture with the entire blueprint ? That would be great.

Yeah I’d also really like to see that