How would you do a continuous blood trail appearing progressively in Blueprints?

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I was wondering how to do a continuous blood trail (from a NPC badly hurt and crawling on the ground) so that the trail only appears as the NPC moves away.

I tried to look on the web but I can only find things about usual blood decals. Is there a way to make a decal appear progressively in a particular direction (maybe by tweeking the material ?).

Or is there an easier way I probably don’t know about ?

Thank you for helping !


Maybe like this:
Spawn your blood decal and check the players distance and direction to this decal. As soon as the distance is large enough spawn the next decal with the correct orientation. But don’t spawn it abruptly. Instead fade it in. Perhaps even fade it in along a gradient which also gets its orentation from the direction the last decal lies in.

If the decals are small enough you probably won’t need all the fade stuff.

Or perhaps you can spawn a spline component and add points while the player is moving to it. Just an idea, i don’t know if this works.

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Thank you Lumpengnom ! I’ll try your solution !

I was thinking to achieve the kind of stuff you can see in Gears Of War in this video at 1:53.

By looking closely, it seems that they have been doing what you said, spawning the same decal in a consistent direction !

OK, I managed to get what I wanted by just spawning decals in the direction of the crawling enemy !

Works like a charm ! :slight_smile:

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