How would you create Dynamite?

Hey guys!

I would need to make some dynamite explosion that will clear out some rocks.
Problem is, I have little concept on how to achieve this.

My guess is that you have a particle system (that I don’t know how to make), expand very rapidly in the area where the dynamite explodes, as it explodes, and then use some sort of physics push to make objects move that are physics simulated.
How would one achieve this?

Just like how you hypothesized, your blueprint should have a RadialForce component and Auto Activation for this component should be off by default. When you want the dynamite to explode, activate the radialforce component and voila, all physics bodies within its radius will be affected.

I’m not an artist so I don’t know much about the particles, but you can check out the twitch support broadcast about particles here: - YouTube and download the content examples package from the marketplace. There are a lot of great particle examples there.

And as I was working tonight I see that the starter content (the content you have the choice of importing when you create your project) has a great explosion effect you can use!

Oh really? Where do you see that?

Inside the “Blueprints” folder, there are some effects along with the standard character and wall sconce, etc.

Thank you very much.
Now I got a problem; When I use my new dynamite blueprint, it crashes the editor after the dynamite explodes.



As soon as I added the “Fire Impulse” node, the dynamite makes the editor crash when the dynamite “explodes”.

No one got a clue what could cause the crash…?

I can’t see anything obvious as to why it would crash. Post this issue to AnswerHub. Engine developers are always trolling that thing for bugs and they can help pinpoint the problem.

I had similar problems as well as crashes with clusters of explosive barrels. The fix I implemented was to have the radial force component disabled by default, then as the barrel was exploding I called the activate node followed by a short delay before destroying the actor and that worked.

I figured out that the crash was caused because the radial force tried to affect “WorldStatic” so it tried to move the entire world at once.