How would you create a system for followers in UDK?

I have a system in my game for characters who follow the player around. The followers have an AIController that creates navigation points every 0.1 seconds wherever the player is, then does a MoveTo the oldest navigation point, removes it when reached, and then goes to the next navigation point. I’ve never really been satisfied with how it works. I feel like the MoveTo function is kind of imprecise and maybe the 0.1 second timing between navigation points can sometimes leave followers stuck on things. I’d like something more like this:

I think the follower follows exactly in the player’s path, just slightly delayed.

How would you go about making a follower system that moves the followers exactly in the player’s path?

I did a system to avoid MoveTo and it is using only acceleration to move in the desired direction, with a smooth movement instead the rect, robotic movement of MoveTo.

It has two variables to modify the inertia and the rotation speed, so it may be precise when needed. The performance is similiar to using MoveTo.

I use several systems for navigation, but when they all fail, I use this one, which consists of the player saving his location in an array at intervals, and the followers when they don’t see him, search in that array, from closest to furthest, and they go to the first visible point.

It works fine most of the times, but not always, as seen in the video…

It’s similar to your system, but probably the difference is the replace for MoveTo.

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