How would you create a Spinning "carousel" type of widget.

I’m curious how some of you would go about creating a spinning “carousel” type of widget. Something like this:

The way I’m thinking to go about creating it is to use a Horizontal Scroll Box; and then populate that with images.
But then I quickly run into the issues of the scroll box doesn’t work with scrolling “backwards”/in reverse and doesn’t have “looping”. And then finally I’m not sure how I would go about figuring out which image is in the middle/selected.

Any ideas on what approach I should take to create this type of widget?


hey im looking to create something similar and was wondering if you ever made any progress with it?

Maybe the WidgetCarousel? WidgetCarousel | Unreal Engine Documentation

I can’t find anyone using this and I’m struggling to use the class since the Editor won’t allow me to create C++ classes or Blueprints inheriting it, even after including its specific module. Has anyone tried this before ?