How would you create a custom UWorld object

I’ve attempted to research this matter on my own with little to no luck. If I wanted to create a custom UWorld Object say UMyWorld and hook that up into the engine how would I go about doing that?

Create a subclass of class UWorld?

Yes, that is where I would start, but how do you hook it into the game

Can you tell me why you need to do this? What is your final goal you’re trying to achieve with that?

A quick look at the engine source shows that there is no built in flexibility when it comes to the world class. It would require overrides in multiple places, clearly isn’t intended to be done, and may in fact just not be feasible at all.

So as Ian says, you need to consider why you want to do this, there is probably a much better alternative approach.

Honestly I just really want to know if it can be done… I have a few applications that could benefit from this but yes there are other methods to do it. I could foresee using it to assign unique identifiers to static and dynamic objects in the world. Add new Systems and global Managers without hacking into the source code, right now GameMode or GameInstance is your best location. I had a few other possible instances but again all can be achieved in other methods, it’s really just a curiosity to see how much control over the UE4 engine one can achieve.

One reason I ask is because Rama has a thread about plugins where he uses a custom engine, I would think it possible to do the same with UWorld as well.