How would one manage to create an automated planet generation system, for example like no man's sky?

A lot of questions come to mind about how that would work, the planets would have to be automatically generated, but also stay intact if you wanna reexplore them later, and when it comes to multiplayer, how would these planets be the same for everyone? I don’t believe i could store them somehow, given that if i did so then that would make for a gigantic game size… Im posting this as a discussion because i believe it fits better cause i’d like for people to, well, discuss about this. Also im kind of a starter in the engine so if anyone has the time and wants to put the effort to show examples and stuff it would be appreciated. Im really excited to hear everyone’s ideas!

You may look into this:

This will be fine for solar system (probably without moons of saturn and jupiter), or with some smart optimization and singleplayer game, you can do solar system.

However making something like no mans sky needs C++ and probably quite big changes to engine.
Also making unique planets generator also would require C++

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