How would one go about making dentable vehicles in UE4, similar to any GTA game?

I’ve been trying to search for how to get this done and have found several ways including using bones surrounding the outer perimeter of the vehicle as well as using morph targets. Both have their pros and cons and both haven’t been explained properly.

Is there any other way to do this, and instructions to do this using that way or either of the two mentioned above? You can also just point me in the general direction, doesn’t have to be a walkthrough.

And I’m also curious how the RAGE engine, Rockstar’s game engine used to make GTA 5, handles all this?

Just leaving this here incase someone else also has the same question.

@Loucsam on the Unreal Forums replied:

"I Found a Destructible Cars Project for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Maybe take a look at this."

It’s a destructible car project. Maybe this can be used as a base vehicle for your own implimentations.