How would one go about making dentable vehicles in UE4, similar to any GTA game?

I’ve been trying to search for how to get this done and have found several ways including using bones surrounding the outer perimeter of the vehicle as well as using morph targets. Both have their pros and cons and both haven’t been explained properly.

Is there any other way to do this, and instructions to do this using that way or either of the two mentioned above? You can also just point me in the general direction, doesn’t have to be a walkthrough.

And I’m also curious how the RAGE engine, Rockstar’s game engine used to make GTA 5, handles all this?

Maybe you could use a mixture of static meshes for each part that can be damaged, along with dynamic materials and decals for scratches and small dents. Might be able to do most of it with materials. Damage can be done in Blueprints with a trace to find the part damaged and buy how much.

Or you could fully part out each car then build it in Blueprints, maybe set up a part module system.

Just spitting out some ideas here, I have no practical knowledge in the area. I have no idea what method would be more efficient, work better, or at all.

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Maybe take a look at this.

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HEY THANKS FOR THIS! I can certainly pick apart this project and see how it’s done! You saved me from days worth of research! God bless you!

Thanks! I’ll look into this too! :slight_smile: