How would I use Get Distance To?

So I am trying to use the Get Distance To to turn trigger boxes on and off (basketball game). I went to math hall to see how it is set up but I am not sure exactly how to get it working. It says it is getting the distance between the green button and the pawn but I don’t understand how the variable Target Actor is linked to the green button. I tried just adding an actor from the BP components to it but that did not work so I saw that it is just an Actor variable, but I don’t see how that is referencing the location of the green button. If someone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I think I am confused by this question. You use GetDistanceTo function to get the distance between two actors. So, if you have 2 pawns place don your map, invoke this function to get the distance between them which is a scalar value (float). I might need to see a picture of your graph. I suspect what you mean by ‘green button’ is the input into a blueprint-graph-node. But it would be nice to be certain

So I was in a class blueprint and couldn’t get the “other actor” input to actually accept anything (any actors on the map or in the components tab). I just decided to do it in the level blueprint and that works out fine.