How would I time when mediatexture activates and a video begins playing

Greetings all! So I have a test demo thats going to be stationary, about 30 seconds from the start I would like a mediatexture (tv screen) trigger and have a video start to play. After that video ends I would like to have another screen trigger and start to play another video. I have the tv screen and the video working (seemingly only when I have it playing in the media player in editor and not on its own when I start the demo) but I’m not sure how to trigger it on a timer instead of it autoplaying or being activated by moving the camera into a trigger volume. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

We don’t have an event yet that fires when a movie finished playing, so the best you can do right now is to have a timer that triggers after the duration of the movie. The MediaPlayer asset has a GetDuration function that will tell you how long the currently loaded movie is. If the movie never changes, you could also just hard-code the time in your BP for now.

Ah ok so even just for a tv to turn on after say 10 seconds (with a stationary player, purely timed event without walking into a volume) would I set a trigger in the level, in the level BP make a custom event and use a set timer delegate and link that to the media player assett? (first time trying this stuff). I’ve found some tutorials that are similar to what I’m trying to do but I’m kind of piecing together info as I go. Thanks!

Yeah, that would work. You can call the MediaPlayer’s Play function from a timed event or trigger, or start a timer from a trigger :slight_smile:

You wouldn’t be able to load up an image of how to properly set that up would you? I have the video playing fine on load but I can’t seem to get the timers to do what theyre supposed to do. The video just plays on load as usual. It’s set up super simple in the level blueprint. (eventBeginPlay-play target is media player-media movie) but when I try to add timers nothing seems to happen so I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. Still a beginner and getting a grip on the core concepts of this stuff. Thanks!