How would i setup/create physics for a jelly/slime character?

Im looking to create a slime/jelly like sphere for the player to control, however i am struggling to find a method to setup the physics for the character and dont know where to start. I have been looking at soft body physics and Nvidia Flex but none of these seem to be working at the minute. What would be the easiest way to mimic the consistency of a jelly/slime like character. I want it to react to the movement input that it receives so I assumed that the 2 previously mentioned methods of doing this would be best but it doesn’t seem right. I have no clue how to mimic the consistency of a jelly like substance and would take any info pointing me in the right direction.



Slime rancher

De Blob

Loco Roco

I tried something different. I created the creature as a skeletal mesh, where the bones radiate out from the center root bone to influence the outer skin, and then make PHysics AsseT out of that, and then set the joints to all the bones to be very stiff. Very small rotation constraints, so they try very hard to retain their position which makes them jiggly and bouncy when the creature falls against things.

I used it on cats with a regular shaped cat skeleton but I think it could work on a blob if you arrange the bones in the way I described.

It might not be the best way but it worked for me. Just be careful the edges don’t get caught on level geometry. Maybe add substepping and other safety features.