How would I save data inputted by the user on a widget?

So if I had a content table on a UI widget and I wanted to allow the user to type text within this content table and then once finished. It would save the data to an external file. e.g txt file etc. How would I go about doing this?

Obviously, I also don’t want to have the the problem of saving this text on the screen ui panel and then when they re-open the widget it still shows the text. (Hope to reset the content table when the user re-opens the widget).

Or save when edited widget.

Are you specifically talking about using data tables?

Otherwise, you could just use an array in the save game.

It would save the data to an external
file. e.g txt file etc.

Apart from the Save Game functionality (not human readable), there’s barely any file operations available in BPs. You could opt for Rama’s Victory plugin (as mentioned in the other question of yours, I think?):

Override onTextCommited and save the string or, better, chuck it into an array and save that.

Both. I have a notes section were a user can typed whatever and then a data table section that requires specific data.

This victory plugin isn’t in the marketplace?

Not sure. Thread:

First link is the plugin. Drop it here:


Restart editor, it will be enabled by default.