How would i replace a component with another component based on two anchor point subcomponents

So i have this blueprint working when the object i am trying to adjust is at zero rotation in the editor. But if i rotate it say 90 degrees, it throws the calculation out. It probably has something to do with the forward vector of the original object, but i’m not sure how to allow for that. Here is the blueprint. The idea is i am trying to replace a component in game, and as the root component of a BP has no transform, i have added anchor scene components to the objects and am using them as an anchor to replace the component. Ie, grab current objects anchor, replace object with new blueprint, set new object to the same position as the old based on each objects anchor. In this BP, the variable RoomAnchorPrevious is the world transform of the original objects anchor.

Nevermind, this is working now, i just set the anchor to position 0,0,0 relative to it’s parent component and it works