How would I prevent a player from falling when teleporting to an unloaded level?

Hey everyone!

I have a world with World Composition and origin rebasing enabled, and I would like to be able to teleport my player from one place to another within this world. I have created a PlayerStart-derived class which I can find in the persistent level, and so far everything is good.

The problem is that when I do teleport to this PlayerStart, the level that the PlayerStart is closest to (i.e, placed as if it were inside it, only it’s in the persistent level) doesn’t load before the player gets there and promptly falls through the world.

I’ve tried to solve it by creating a C++ function that disabled, physics, checks if the player is on solid ground and then enables physics again. Unfortunately, neither disabling physics nor my ground checking is working.

In PIE, UE obviously has some sort of solution for this already, since it is not an issue if I use the default player starts. However, I’ve been unable to find this anywhere.

Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated!

Hm, getting the same problem, and try to find a solution.

In PIE, as far as I know, all streaming levels are always loaded. So when the player teleports to it, there is a ground to stand on.

You can try doing that, but depending on your game it might not be possible.

I don’t have UE4 with me right now, but this is a good place to start:

Wait until that particular level is loaded before teleporting the character.

Ok, i solved that problem with spawning a invisible platform at bottom of the player. Then i let the level load and delete the platform.

Sounds like you are hitting the same problem as me. I received an answer which helps somewhat.