How would I play a game within a game?

I’m an environment artist and don’t know where to place this question, so please move it to the correct location if need be…

Recently Shadow Demon Ent went public with our first game with an alpha demo at Gameacon in and the one critique we got that was unanimous was the ability to let players play the arcade cabinet. I think it’s a great idea and should be an option if it isn’t incredibly difficult. How would one go about pulling this off? I did find the mini-game BP wiki page. I’m not too sure if this applies as well or if more would come into play.

You would just re-create the mechanics of the game in your game… there’s nothing else that you specifically need to do. You wouldn’t actually run a different executable.

You may want to load a new level when playing the minigame, so that you can have a different player controller and game mode from your main game.

Okay. After I posted this, I thought about all the minigames that exist in just about every game and realized it’s probably pretty easy to set up. Just gotta figure it out and work out the kinks.