How would I package this up?

So I’m working on a new arch vis pack and I have a question. I have a candle mesh, a flame particle system, and a static light. I want to package those up into something easy that the user can drag out of the content browser and into their levels and/or copy/paste around the level or between editor sessions.

I’m having a heck of a time figuring this out.

I can’t use a blueprint since I want the light to be static. I don’t want to use dynamic lighting since it’s slower and I’d really like to bake lighting in as much as I can.

I … I mean, is there another way? A way of generating a prefab or something that I’ve overlooked? I’d hate to make users manage 3 separate actors for every candle they want to place in their scene…

What do you mean you can’t use point light in blueprints as static? I tried it and just changed the added point light in my BP from dynamic to static.
You could also use grouping:

I believe you should be able to use a blueprint still. Inside of the BP editor you should be able to set the light to static and it should build on your next rebuild of the level

You’re right, it does! I did some digging and figured out that I had my light inside of another blueprint. So I had it nested 2 blueprints deep which causes some sort of problem.

If I put the light into the blueprint directly as a component, static lighting DOES work.

Thanks for the response!