How would I modify camera position based on it's default values after those have been modified

I’m trying to create a system that would modify a cameras position whenever a player character overlaps a trigger volume. My problem is that I need to reset the camera position to it’s original values every time the player exits the volume, which is not ideal.

I think I need to save the cameras default starting position to a variable on Begin Play, and then pull from that variable every time I want to change the players camera position… I’m just not sure how to do that.

Aaaaand, I just answered my own question after some fooling around, but I’ll leave this up in case there is a better solution.

Here is what I did: I duplicated my SideViewCamera in my character blueprint scene components, and named that “DummyCamera”. Then in my camera function (linked above in imgur album) I Get Location/Rotation of the dummy camera, and then Set Location/Rotation of SideView Camera. This let me completely eliminate the need for the End Overlap blueprints.