How would I make this effect


So I am trying to simulate visual awareness in real time, basically I just want to blur the edges of the screen etc…

Question 1
What is the best way to make this work
Can people here help me or offer some resources for post-process effects?

Question 2
I noticed that post process will also affect any held weapon in view, how would I exclude the weapon from rendering before post?

Many thanks!

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The attachment doesn’t work mate, please fix it so we can help you.

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darn, fixed the image

Search the forums for Radial Blur material. Somebodies done it already.

It requires some HLSL in the material, so it won’t necessarily compile for all platforms (mainly valid if you’re doing Mobile or Console).

Thanks, I have looked at that method, not really what I want, but close, I will look into HLSL, assuming that is the way to go?

Next to that, the effect will also influence any weapons carried in fps view, how do I avoid that?
is there a way I can mask out the gun? Or other meshes?

I’m just wondering if you could achieve something similar by placing a translucent material in front of the weapon that covers the whole screen and then doing something like a screen-space reflection node but dithered? Might chew up a lot of FPS though.

No, not if you do it as a Post Effect (which is pretty much the ONLY way to do it).

Look into CustomDepth, which is a way to render a mesh in a different depth pass and exclude it from certain Post effects, or add different post effects etc.

look in the content examples project on the post processing map, there are things that are close to that already