How would I make an item destructible only if a specific item/weapon is equipped?

I’m been having trouble getting this to work, in fact I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right.
I’m trying to make it so when a specific item/weapon is equipped you can then destroy certain items (e.g Flam thrower can destroy an ice block)

I have it so the activation of the weapon/item is part of the character, but I can’t seem to be able to use that as part of a condition in a branch.


An easy way would be to assign a tag to certain objects, eg ‘ice’. Then when either the projectile or line trace for the weapon hits that object you can take the value of the actor being hit and use the ‘actor has tag’ function to see if it has the relevant tag. Then use a branch to decide if you want to apply damage to the object.

Hope this makes sense, I can explain further if need be.