How would I make a hollow, dome-like structure in-engine?

I’d like to be able to make a dome in-engine which can have materials shown from the inside. So far when I’ve been experimenting with additive and subtractive BSP’s I can only get it to show textures on the outside of the dome.

Look through the engine content and look for a mesh named SM_SkySphere.

Sadly this seems to have the same effect as I’ve been having, the texture showing on the outside, but not on the inside. And along with that there’s no collision for it.

I´d say that BSPs are only for previewing, balancing, design-tests and very simple structures (like a wall). Then you have to model everything in 3D-applications like Maya, Blender (Open-source/free also for commercial use), Cinema4D etc. and place it in your level. Your dome is basically a sphere cut in half and without ground. In Blender you would just create a sphere, delete the lower part and if you want, you can apply the modifier “solid” (or similiar, i´m not sure about the name) to give it thickness.

Alright, I’ll look into doing that. I wasn’t really wanting to use 3d modelling applications this early in the development of my game, but I should’ve really expected it.

Here are two FBX files for what you’ve requested. One is a full sphere, with the surface facing the inside, while the other is a half sphere. The full sphere has 256 polys, while the half has 128. UV mapping has not been done, nor has LODs. another option for making this might have been to drag in a sphere primitive and render it as double-sided, which, while not the most efficient of options, would have worked out quite nicely.

Edit: for the outside of the dome, you can place normal, outside-facing sphere/ half-sphere primitives. COllision has not been added to the models provided.