How would I make a dedicated multiplayer server?

Hello! I was researching the topic of a delicate server. How would I make a dedicated server and how can I make the server on my pc? Help is appreciated! Thanks!

I have not done this but my research says you have to download the source code of Unreal Engine, change some things, compile that custom version of the engine, and migrate your project to it.

The specific changes you have to make are listed

Also the steps are apparently different depending on if you are doing this on Steam or not.

you asked this same thing a few days ago. please dont make duplicate threads. this question was also asked by someone else within the last week and i believe the answer was that you need custom build of the engine to make it. im not sure if thats actually true though. im not expert on all this but a dedicated server is usually at the most basic a copy of the game that is always on and others connect to. so to begin you will need to know a little about networking mainly to have the clients connect to a static ip address and from there it should be like setting up any other multiplayer. again though im no expert and i havent tried this so my explanation is all theoretical.