How Would I make a button you have to hold to activate an event?

My end goal is to have a fancy main menu for touch devices. I played the mobile game Dual with my friends and thought the menu looked very nice. Ive been messing around in Ue4 trying to get it to where my main menu button (Play) takes 3-5 seconds of holding it down to toggle the visibility of certain things in my widget blueprint. Ive given up on trying to do this on my own.

set an retriggerable delay before activation and reset in any way on release ?

Simple, use timers and On Pressed and On Relesed events, look on docs about timer:

Just set on press and stop and clear timer on relese

That’s my issue sorta, Ive tried using the timer nodes like that, but i don’t know which one to use, by event or function name.

It does not matter you can do it in either. But use by event as by function name is kind of outdated

ok, thanks