How Would I Go About Making A Terrain That Is 20km x 20km?

Hi, I would Like to make a terrain that is 20km x 20km. I know this is 2,000,000 x 2,000,000. Problem I am having is that when I make a terrain that is 2,000,000 x 2,000,000 I cannot Sculpt the terrain. so how would I go about making a detailed terrain of this size?

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I read somewhere that world comp does not work with multiplayer?

I believe this is because the server tries to load a stream level and the client remains in lingo on their level. The docs say:

Big Worlds and Multiplayer
Right now world origin shifting is not supported in the multiplayer games. Here are two solutions that can be implemented for your specific needs:

Implement your own server solution. MMO licensees mostly do this.

Implement some layer between clients and unreal dedicated servers which will transform shifted absolute positions from the clients and route them to the right dedicated server, which only holds part of the world where client is.

However if you disable world origin, shifting you can run a tiled world with a dedicated server. Dedicated servers will load all distance dependent levels, and each connected client will work as usual loading only level that satisfy streaming distance settings. A server holds a list of visible levels for each client and filters Actor replication by this list.

I’ve never used world comp etc, good luck!