How would I go about making a rectangular playable world map?

So to preface, I am using World Machine to create my landscapes, and looking at using UE5 for development. Within World Machine I am able to make the map any resolution and aspect ratio that I would like. My confusion lies within importing that map into Unreal Engine.

The documentation suggests landscapes have to be square, but I am under the impression that with world partition, you could make the overall map any shape you would like. So I am assuming I would have to export multiple segments of the landscape to then stitch together in Unreal Engine, correct? Or would I simply be able to export the tiles (which are, themselves, square) and import those into the engine? I know there are some bugs with importing tiles into UE5, so that alone could cause issues, and I am worried that with the heightmap being rectangle, that may cause errors.

Does anyone have experience making non-square landscapes/maps, or know how I could theoretically make one? This may be a no-brainer to some, so apologies if there’s an obvious answer that I’m overthinking. :sweat_smile:

Creating rectangular terrains is no problem for UE5 and Landscape or World Partition.
I have tested numerous sizes including rectangles.
The MiniMap cells and MiniMap Texture also supports rectangular sizes.

You don’t have to deal with Tiles with UE5 until your terrain goes over 32767 in either dimension.
Just stick with PNG format instead of RAW.
If you use RAW you need to use Tiles, and the Tile setup is different than World Composition.

You also have to use the proper valid World Partition heightmap sizes.
They are NOT the same as World Composition.
The “Recommended Sizes” from 127 to 8129 are the same, but everything larger is new sizes.
World Partition uses an entirely new terrain sizing layout.

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