How would i go about doing this

I’m currently taking up 3d modeling as a hobby and have been wanting to use it for mostly game art. I have seen these amazing renders that have been done in UE4 of apartment scenes. I was wondering on how do you actually make these high quality scenes as it seems like something I’m interested in. I haven’t taken any models outside of maya before so i was wondering is all that art meaning the high quality materials and textures done in Maya(or any other modelling software) or is it done in the unreal engine. Thanks

It’s mainly done with the lightning, post process effects and the materials -> in the UE4. :slight_smile: Make sure to take a look at the free archviz projects which you can find on the marketplace

I’m new as well but you can do some pretty amazing things right out of the box really quickly. This tutorial is a great place to start if you want an idea of the Unreal Engine.

Okay thanks guys :slight_smile: