How would I go about doing bullet tracers/trails on a hitscan weapon?

I’m new to Unreal engine, coming from Unity actually. I’m working on an arena shooter similar to quake, i’ve even managed to implement Bunnyhopping. I have made a simple hitscan weapon in Blueprint, and i would like to add a tracer to it to make it look less uhhh, hitscan. Here is the blueprint. I hope you’re able to work with my absolute spaghetti of a blueprint but please tell me if you need any more information.

Hitscan is instantaneous hit detection (single frame/tick). Thus any tracer fx applied in the same way wouldn’t be seen. Best approach in my opinion would be to spawn a projectile at the weapon muzzle utilizing the fx you want. Disable gravity in projectile movement and have a very high init speed … 88000cm/s etc.

You’ll probably have to add a delay to applying dmg/impulse to make it “feel” right.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

It ended up working, and with the newfound knowledge of how useful projectiles are i think i’m going to end up making some sort of rocketjump mechanic with them. Thank you!