How would I go about creating a little animation before a game starts(Like Temple Run)

I have a endless runner game I am creating, and all is going well, but I want to create a simple animation that lead into my game. I want to make a like temple run intro where a guy runs out of a cave and into the game where you play. Does anybody know how to do this, or can anybody point me in the right direction?

2D or 3D?

You can use the tools in the Engine and make a matinee using your game assets.

Or, you can use and animation program and make a movie to play. Flash can be used but it’s definitely not the only choice. You can then play the movie on a UMG Widget. You can also use a 3D program such as 3DStudio Max, Maya, or Blender and render out a movie, it is really up to you.

Here is a link that gives an overview of several software’s to make animations:

I have a game ( I just want to have an intro animation. I can animate but I don’t know how to set of the blueprints and stuff.

Just make it as a cinematic. You can use the Sequencer:
(This used to be done through a tool called Matinee but Sequencer is new as of 4.12)

Thanks I will try

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