How would I go about adding nitrous to a vehicle?


So, I am currently developing a destruction/car game in Unreal Engine 4. I have had the idea of adding nitrous to the cars so that when you press a certain button (Left Shift, for example), the car will boost in speed for about 5 seconds until the nitrous runs out.

I’ve tried some ways but none of them seem to work.
Anyone got any ideas on how to get this working?

I should also mention that this needs to be done entirely in Blueprint, no C++.



When you hit SHIFT., set a bool to Yes in “Nitro”, delay 5 and reset to No

In you event graph, set branch if Yes - add normal velocity and “Nitro” velocity then add to movement.

Another alternative to’s suggestion is the use a thruster component(location set on center of mass of the vehicle in construction script) and activate it when you hit nitrous key.

Hi , never new that.

Good suggestion

So if I put that in the car’s blueprint, then add an ActionInput called Nitrous (for the set button) and then make it activate when that button is pressed and add a delay of 5 seconds, then deactivate it?

Sounds good.
Thanks for all your suggestions, loving the answerhub already!
, :slight_smile:

Always nice to help, and I am sure would agree.

Just remember, if it works, mark it solved, it not, ask another question and we will see how we can help.

If you do get stuck. Post a picture to help.

Glad to see and I could help

Yep, thats it. Keep in mind that you may need a very high value for the thruster(dont be surprised if you need to set the value to over 1 mil.) to actually move the vehicle’s mass.

Happy to help and good luck!

Okay, thanks guys!