How would I go about adding a diplomacy mechanic for my RTS game

I want to make a survival rts game. I want there to be other groups of survivors throughout the game that you can interact with (conduct diplomacy with). This would include trading, declaring war, alot of the same mechanics as say civ or europa universalis. How would I even begin to do such a thing. I’m bery new to all if this and have been watching countless tutorials to try and understand how to even begin working on such a game. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you.

this is a very open question with many differing solutions. it really comes down to how your looking to implement things. one way to handle things is to have a integer variable that stands in for like a friendliness level (think wow reputations). when you do something to help the other faction you increase the value of the integer, if you do something hostile you decrease the int. then have scripted events based on the value: int=0 they declare war on you, you declare war int becomes 0, they surrender to you int becomes 100, etc.

Oh okay that makes sense. I’m just very new to all of this. I’ve never made a game before so I really have no idea what i’m doing lol. Thank you for you help!!