How would I get a Local Space Niagara particle to emit particles based on velocity?

I have a Niagara System for a fireball that emits a trail of fire and smoke, the trail and smoke are emitting from a parent particle which has Local Space turned (This is because when the fireball spell is cast in the game, it really just throws a blueprint that has this system in it). The fireball does follow the emitter (local space works), but it doesn’t spawn the fire or smoke trail because the particle itself doesn’t have velocity in the system. Is there a way I could get the velocity, rotation, and location of the Fireball Blueprint and plug that into the forces of the fireball particle, or is there any other way I could get it to work? Or would it be easier just to fake the trail effect by adding force to the trail that makes it look like it is being thrown?

I need to know this as well