How would i Get a child component OF a child component in my character?

using the first person template, Im trying to make a blueprint for a weapon that when overlapped, will snap to a socket on my players skeleton. since this is the first person template, the actual mesh of the arms is really a second mesh that is a child of the camera, the real mesh that is a child of the capsule, has no actual mesh in it. That being said i cannot get the socket of the players mesh for my blueprint since im using the second mesh. so in the blueprint, im trying to get the Camera (the first child object) then get the child of the camera (the second child object) which is the mesh of the arms. And im trying to attach the weapon to the socket that i put on the hand of those arms. whenever i try to test it out, the gun attaches itself to the camera, not the actual mesh. the only reason i can tell this is even happening is because when i look down i can see the shadow of the gun. So how do i actually attach this to the socket on the mesh, not the camera? heres my blueprint

I Figured It Out! For Anyobody else trying to do this heres the blueprint i used