How would I edit a camera's properties?

I have an Orthographic camera and I’d like to change to change the “Camera Settings → Otrho Width” with an event. Where should I start? More helpful would be a tutorial that goes over this kind of thing in a more macro sense so I could apply the information to other things. Thanks!

I ma not entirely sure what you want to achieve, But I am assuming that you want to change the properties of a camera that is attached to your character OR any other blueprint when a particular event occurs. So lets consider the follwoing scenario:

  • You have a charcter, and has a camera attached to it
  • You want to change the camera’s property when you character has hit something.

This is very simple to achieve,
Do this:

  • Within your character’s event graph, create an event node for ‘Hit’
  • Drag out the Camera component from left pane into the graph editor. Choose ‘Get’.
  • Now you have a reference to your camera.
  • From this newly created camera node, drag out and start typing ‘Ortho’. You will see a ‘Set Ortho Width’. Click on it.
  • Now you can set the desired value for Ortho width here and it will do what you want.
  • Dont forget to connenct the output of ‘Hit’ to ‘Set’ node

It does not matter which event you put this on, it will work. The key is getting the reference to your camera.

Interesting, I would have guessed that Set Ortho would have appeared in the list of “all possible” with context sensitive set to “off.”
Putting the reference to the thing who’s properties you want to change in before you tell UE4 that you want to change that property is, in fact, key. Sounds simple when you say it like that, but with the node structure I’ve been internalizing this kind of code on a timeline: First, listen for collision; then, set the ortho of a camera to X, which camera? → target.

Thank you for this most basic help! UE4 seems to make everything so easy, and yet I still struggle to come up with solutions for anything : /