How would I create an artstyle similar to Brothers a tale of two sons

Hi Everyone
I looking into gaming engines a bit and what drew to the unreal engine was the look of a Tale of Two Brothers. I was just wondering if it would be easy to make a game with a similar art style since I really like the look of it.

Since Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons uses Unreal Engine 3, it would be totally possible to do the same in Unreal Engine 4. The art style is mostly about the hand painted textures, the materials and the very strong lighting. It is indeed beautiful :slight_smile:

Of course it is possible to create a new video game like this, but it’s definitely not “easy” :wink:

Do you know any good tutorials about hand painted textures?

defiantly have to agree with you on that X)

Cost money




Protip: “hand painted” textures are often just real textures with a Smart Blur filter over them. You’re simply looking to reduce the amount of noise in your samples.