How would i create a moving material for the force-field


I am having a really hard time with materials. I don’t know where to begin at all. What i want is that there should be a bright light that is going around the force-field from bottom to up. Right now it only has a material that has parameter values for color and brightness. That however isn’t what i am looking for. Can somebody point me where to begin? Anybody has a similar system and want to share? I have almost zero knowledge how to do what i want.

Unlit material with an emissive gradient that pans.

Create a “blue glow” 128x128 texture and use it in your matrerial set to unlit and plug a blue vector3 into emissive color and then put a panner onto the textured UV pin.

In a nut shell.

Thanks for the reply. Do i have to have 2 materials in here? I know the panner is just making the material to move sideways, but i don’t really know how to implement it in this scenario. I tried something like this but it seems to be all wrong. Oh, the Color is plugged in


attach something to the panner