How would I create a Hack and Slash like Devil May Cry?

Hey everyone!

I’m learning Unreal Engine 5 using some tutorials I’ve bought from from websites. I have one for C++ and two others use Blueprints.

However these tutorials either do FPS, Survival or a 3D RPG games. The 3D RPG tutorials, which are Souls-Like, have been helping me a lot with understand a bit and how to progress it into a Hack and Slash, such as a simple combo system and switching weapons, but the end product from the tutorial isn’t what I’m looking for.

I want to create a Hack and Slash similar to Devil May Cry, where you can have a stylish combo system with a counter, switch styles/weapons and have various enemy types. Devil May Cry 5 or DmC: Devil May Cry is how I really want the game to play like. Here are some good example of a combo systems that I want to learn to make: Unreal Engine Combat System - Berserk Fan-Game Concept UE4.24.3 - YouTube and UE4 - Old Hack n Slash Project -- Combat - YouTube

GOW4 is also another great game I want it to be similar too in RPG mechanics but that’s a whole different topic.

I’m a 2nd year student in university doing Digital Technology and Website Scripting so I don’t have the time to learn C++. I’m still a novice at Unreal Engine, which is why I’m watching tutorials that use Blueprints, instead of figuring it out myself. However, I find it hard to understand on how I can apply it to create a Hack and Slash game since they’re usually basic RPG tutorials. I understand I would need good animations to make it work, however I want to learn how to make the mechanics first before I even start on animations. (I’m learning 3D animations in my course so I have a basic understanding on how to do it)

So if anyone could help me on how to create it using placeholders, it would be greatly appreciated. If there’s also any tutorials I can follow that use Blueprints to create a DMC combat system, I would love to buy it/watch it so I can achieve what I want.

We’re producing a Hack N Slash title called Project Kianna, the demo will be out soon. But the game will go into open source for the community once its done

Thats so awosome.