How would I Create a default blueprint out of actors?


I am currently trying to make my own blueprint just to experiment and getting to know the unreal engine. Know i have managed to:

Make a “tree”. If you click it inside the triggerbox it will fall but if you click outside of the triggerbox nothing happens. I have a delay for respawning the tree. I have a treestump and i have a counter for counting how many trees you have cut what is going to be the xp system to come.

But. Know i got it all working and i want to place more trees i have grouped the 3 components (tree, stump and triggerbox) but every time i plant a new tree i have to copy the blueprints in the level editor and change the target.

I know there must be an easier way to plant new trees but i cant figure out how to create a blueprint out of my tree so i can spawn trees instantly.

I have attached my tree falling system below.