How would I create a claw machine?

I want to add a claw machine into my game, but I have absolutely no clue where to start with the side to side movement, up/down movement and grabbing items. I wasn’t able to find any tutorials online. Any kind of direction to go would be really helpful. Thanks!

You mean something like a claw crane like in those “arcade games” where you try to grab junk prizes?

Yes that what’s I was talking about. For people who don’t know what it is, this is what it looks like.


Claw model, machine model, mechanics model, player controller set input to w s move forward and back, a d to move left and right, some key for trigger the claw to “reach” meaning go down, add a sphere collision to the claw model, add a onoverlap event on the sphere collision, either destroy and spawn to make it attach to the claw, or reparent the actor on overlap to the claw and retract and move to the “hole” and release. Or if you want to be tricky you can add small collision spheres to the tips of the claws and add an impulse to the spheres which will keep the object above the claws and make it difficult to grab the object. You may want to rephrase the question into the engine part that you’re having trouble with, there are literally millions of ways you can make any type of game like this and you need to think about ~how~ you want the game to play, is it a physics game where you want to challenge the players mechanical ability to precisely place the claw and grasp, or is the clawing and grasping more simplified and if they’re close, it will work… or do you want it to be a random luck chance, where a dice roller figures out if they’ve grabbed it :slight_smile:

Thanks for this very helpful post! I will give this a shot tomorrow and report back with my results :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

I was able to get this working. Thanks for your help! Once again, It’s much appreciated :slight_smile: