How would i be able to create a perspective based puzzle?

I’m somewhat new to blueprint so apologies if i’m missing something basic.
I am trying to create a game where you connect beams of light and when you look at them at the right angle it will trigger an event (example below)

The two ways I thought this could be archived are

  1. Have collisions on the far wall (that you are lining the light to) and spawn collisions in the middle of the light beams. Then trace to the collisions on the wall and if they are blocked by the ones spawned in the middle of the light beam it will then trigger an event.
    (issue with this way is i cant seem to be able to trace to the spheres I set against the wall at the same time)

2.Have the image on the wall and then when the geometry is no longer visible due to the particle beams it trigger the event.

However I am having trouble getting these to work. Is there another possible way / more efficient way?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: