How would I assign player from online source?

At the moment we have a website and working on a game for unreal, (character avatars are rendered on the website, using three.js) currently I have it where I can login and such from the game client, however when I load in, is there a way I can have it download the avatar (have three.js export it as obj) and whenever the player joins the map, the 3rd person thing will use the character obj (which has other issues on how it would be rigged… all the avatars would be using the same body, which is relatively simple, 4 blocks for the limb, 1 block for torso, and one for head)

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

hm i have a system sorta like this here’s how i achieve it:

i have a webportal where players can mess with their items that they have in-game, and even mess with their character this is all saved to a database (MySql in my case) if a player logs into the game the game loads their character data from this database and assigns the rights meshes to their character as needed (we use ID numbers for everything in the game for easy sorting)

also note that i do not let the players clients touch the database all of their requests (outside of login) runs through one of our servers which can then request the info from the database (we have our server code separated from our client code) and even then the server does not direct tap it either for security purposes.

Right now I do that, I have a PHP API Link which is executed by the server and the php script does the mysql handling, atm I use it for logging in, Haven’t done much C++ and was also wondering if you did a tutorial or something? (probably not, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask lol)

But thanks for the insight