How would I add an ads just like the smartscope in Halo 5?

You know how Halo 5 Gaurdians has that aiming with the zoom and it enhances your aim? I think it is called smartscope. Can someone help me implement this properly? Thanks in advance. Link does not work. Try looking up Halo 5 smartscope on Youtube to understand what I am talking about.

Are you looking to do the entire ADS system? Or do you already have zoom set correctly and are trying for the other effects?

Follow this tutorial, it you will be able to setup the zoom feature. AFTER that, let me know where you’re at and I’ll help you further.

Ok thanks Ill check it out.

Ok I did it and it worked great. I only needed the first half of the video also. For the widget I should be able to just make something simple and the accuracy actually is not important as of right now. My only problem is that when I turn my character left and right to move, the gun turns in that direction really fast. It should be looking straight ahead. Do you know how to fix that? Thanks.

I can. Could you mark the tutorial post as the answer? If you post another message I can help you there on that thread, since this is another question.

I dont see the option for the tutorial post. Only the other ones

That’s fine, just mark one of these as the answer so that others can see.
When you start the other question, let me know I can help with it.

The entire ADS. Including the zoom.
I think the main things would be the zoom, a simple reticle, and increased weapon accuracy.

Ok, thanks and I will do that tomorrow.

I posted that new question. Thanks for helping.