How would Gothic 2 look in Unreal Engine.

Just a small project I did to learn more about Substance Designer, SpeedTree and Foliage setup in UE4. Inspired by the Sun Circle in Gothic II.

I imported Gothic 1 world into UE4 and played with it a bit and it looked great just with UE4 lighting and shaders, no texture changes or anything.

Nice job on your “remake” :slight_smile:

Thanks, it would be cool to see new Gothic. But, alas, they did not plan it. Not yet, anyway.

Looks great!

But now I am sad… When I play Gothic 2 it won’t look that good! :smiley:

one of my all time favourites! Looks great :slight_smile:

I’d love it of they did a full remake of the first one…

Looks cool :wink:

Not sure how the sky looks but the shadows are very very harsh, perhaps you should do it more soft.

Well, we can only hope that they will make a new one.

I actually approached them about the subject, but they said no. So sad.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ll see if I can tweak it a bit more.

Can only hope. :frowning:

Really? That’s sad. That game would do well with a facelift!

Any instructions on how to do this? :slight_smile:

  1. You need hell lot of patience.
  2. To export graphics you will need some Gothic MDK tools (GoMan for textures, VDFS for unpacking, some import addons for 3dsmax/blender)… you will have to search for those as I am not really sure where to get them today and what to look for exactly.
  3. You will need to clean up meshes, as there are portals and LOD included in base mesh of world as well as water planes, etc.
  4. You will have to link up textures, sometimes by trial-error because naming convention doesn’t allways match up

I actually stopped playing with this while gothic animations were exporting with errors to blender and I really didn’t have time and patience to repair those… Also UE4 will harass you for having hundreds of textures on one mesh, I tried to overcome this by spliting world mesh into little pieces. I ended up having imported world with scavenger running around, then I had to move on to my more serious project :slight_smile:

Yes, well. There’s really no reason to kick an old horse. Make a new game, set in the same island - I think that would work better, rather than remaking the whole Gothic 2. Don’t get me wrong - the game is Epic (pun intended), but we could use a new episode right about now. Not really hyped about Elex, not really a sci-fi fan.

I totally agree, Elex is not my cup of tea…

I kinda liked the style Risen, but only the first one :confused:

That would be great too.

But I wish the old one’s still could get a facelift.
Possibly before the release of a 5th? Would be nice, but I am only dreaming, (Pipe dreaming at that.)

Yeah, I love sci-fi, but it is overused as of late.
But if it doesn’t suck I will probably pick up Elex on release.

I know, right? The first one resembled Gothic most of all. The others - not so much. Besides, Risen 3 looks like really bad in terms of graphics, comparing to other titles, released at the same year. Clearly, Piranhas need a new art team.

I’ll wait for reviews. It looks really weird so far.

Quite right, it was a mess in the visual department.

It sure does, but hey! Weird might be good. :slight_smile:

Where do you find Gothic world and hou do you converted for unreal engine?

I made it myself, based on the screenshots from the game.