How would an armor mod for dinos work?

I’m interested in doing something similar to the **** my rex armor mod. Very new to modding so bear with me on these questions any help to include links to previous posts would be very appreciated. First can dinos have multiple pieces of armor like the human? Or is it all tied to the saddle in which case you create your graphic and mod the saddle? Can a graphic mod such as this be done with the dev kit or does it have to be created with a separate program then imported? If so what is the recommended program? Thanks in advance.

Hmmm. System does not like the word (P)imp. Apologies if anyone took this as the use vulgarity. Was ref the (P)imp my Rex mod.

As long as you want it stackable you are limited to using dino saddles/ maybe costumes.

You would need to create the meshes for the armor in other software, if you don’t want to spend any money I think your only real option is Blender. if you have money to burn, look into maya, 3ds max, zbrush. Basically you can use any combination of software s long as in the end your final product is an .fbx file that can be imported into the dev kit.

Im interested in this too, I have a Dodo Saddelbag my Dodos waiting for xD

Thank you for the reply. Now I just need to learn how to use them. Lol

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