How will charging for HTML5 games work?

I’m really excited about the doors opened by HTML5 deployment. Will HTML5 projects differ in how they can be monetized, or can I simply sell through my distributor of choice in the same way I would choose Steam, etc. for selling my PC/Mac/Linux game?

Do you guys have any recommendations at the moment? Chrome Web Store seems like a potential channel but premium content there hasn’t really taken off. There’s also self-publishing with tools like Gumroad, but beyond that I’m curious to hear your thoughts and recommendations moving forward.

In practice? I think it will be rather hard to charge for an HTML5 game. Most likely, the common revenue source will be some mixture of Ads and micro-transactions as most current Flash/Web games do. It’s less an issue of infrastructure, and more how the market has been trained to respond.

“Pay money? To play a game in my browser? Are you kidding me?”

And an HTML5 game running out of a browser makes little sense to me as well.

There are several ways to monetize an web app: Mostly for web the most usefull are Ads and Subscription Based. Monthly, weekly payment or, 1 use. For example you have a modular program and the user will use only one module to create a project then the user pays to make that project and you establish the limits for one payment.