How/Where to install the FMODStudio plugin?

Hello, so I’m trying to install FMOD Studio’s plugin into Unreal 4.14, the fmod people provide a tutorial series ( however I think this method is using an older version of Unreal as the folder structures don’t quite match up with mine. From what I gather plugins have to be installed in the Plugins folder in your version of Unreal, however when I just drop the plugin folder which was downloaded from the fmod site ( into the plugins folder, it is not working, as in when I try to open the Unreal fmod tutorial project, provided by fmod again, it is telling me the plugin isn’t installed correctly. I assume there is a specific folder in the Unreal plugins folder which the fmod plugin needs to be in but there is a few and I don’t know which one.

So does anyone understand my problem here, or just know of the correct way to install the FMOD plugin with the most recent versions?


Ok so fixed my problem. Turns out the FMOD plugin was recently updated and I was using what was an out-dated version of unreal, had to find the correct version of the plugin on fmod’s downloads page that matched my version of Unreal. Then it was just a drag and drop the plugin into the plugins folder.