How well will it run?

HP pavilion. 8GB ram - quad core AMD A-10 series - 3.5 GHZ - AMD Radeon R7 graphics.

UE4 is very GPU dependent, and AMD Radeon R7 graphics isn’t a specific GPU, but a range of possible GPUs, from low to high end. So we’d need more info on the GPU to give you accurate info on how well it would run.

Probably OK. I’ve run UE4 on an Athlon II x2, 8GB ram, and a Radeon HD7790. It was workable, however there was essentially no real-time updating of materials in the material editor, I had to save each time to see the changes I made.

That was my back-up rig. My Main rig is an FX6300, 16GB ram, and an R9 290.

based on his Specs I think he’s running an “A10 PRO-7800B” APU, the GPU runs at 720 MHz.

Think you need top notch hardware bruh

It will run, but not optimally. I’m sure you could build a much better rig yourself rather than buying one of those (Assuming you are buying it new).