How well do Characters sell?

Hello Everyone,

I’d like to create stylized characters that I would enjoy to see and play as in games for the marketplace. My goal is to create as many of them as I can along with stylized weapons and accessories to go with them, likely one per month and become a full time marketplace creator.

And when I say stylized I don’t mean in the low poly fashion. more in the style of dauntless/ sea of thieves/ northguard. Painterly with exaggerated hard planar shapes.

The character would work best in 3rd person and Top down for an RPG, RTS or TBS style game

In the future the characters maybe also have interchangeable faces, hair and clothing. Not right away, but once a library has been built up over 6-12 months.

I’ve seen good results from my testing of these character styles and I’d love to invest my time in creating these though I’ve not seen any requests so far for more characters or any particular type. For realistic character you can get character creators out there really easily, though with these characters having a unique style I’m not sure if this will stop people from buying it because they might not be able to find other assets that would work with the style or if people would love the change in style and adopt it into their projects and games with open arms.

Would I be better off doing contract work?. A customer character would cost an individual £500-£1000. Where these marketplace assets would cost £20-£50

I’d like to know others opinions,
So let me have it :D.