How well can the UE4 handle when its come to massive open world gaming

Hi here, I am part of a kickstarter to be project focusing on a new game idea that has barely been touched on in the gaming world, especially in AAA gaming standers of upcoming games. Please I’d love the help of others. Thanks

Do a search in the forums you are not the first one asking this.

Really? Massive open world gaming is barely touched on? That’s the opposite of true

When you use level streaming, good lods, culling, foliage culling,… you can create pretty big open world maps :wink:

Here you can find some more infos about open worlds with the UE4



Just like said along with a few other things like experimental plugin for “infinite” worlds.

yep all true, but I don’t know why this question keeps coming up.

Need to ask yourself first… Can unreal engine 3 handle open worlds?.. Yes it can and they is a lot of game to show it off, so why wouldn’t UE 4 not follow in the same foot step or bring to the table something better and even bigger?

Just saying, and now u have access to source codes you can build or find a plugin for “infinite” worlds as diebyzero said. :stuck_out_tongue: